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We use contextual intelligence to change the way that the
capital project stakeholders plan, build and operate.

In our ecosystem, every project becomes a continuous source of learning that is captured, curated and applied to create value in the ecosystem. New projects leverage our intelligent dataset that captures institutional knowledge, and data across multiple sources, creating a single source of truth that:

  •      Informs and enhances the core intelligence driving all current and future projects

  •      Optimizes performance of completed projects

  •      Lowers the cost and risk of construction, from planning, to design, procurement and on-going operation


All construction becomes more efficient, more inclusive in its sourcing, and connected across projects into a network of knowledge that makes building smarter, faster and lowers cost.

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Modularizing Design

We help clients and design teams bring effective and efficient architecture close to the supply chain, by eliminating non-value added processes  throughout the project lifecycle.

To do this, we capture and contextualize institutional data, performance-optimized designs, cross-project insights and performance data. From this, we deliver digital twins, the single source of truth that can be leveraged throughout the entire lifecycle of every asset.

Leveraging this applied intelligence enables us to eliminate non-value added design steps, yet allow for effective evolution of building design, delivering projects better, faster and at lower cost than ever before.

Democratizing Delivery

Modutecture’s construction platform creates an inclusionary ecosystem of suppliers. Its modular procurement process allows the digital twin to be separated into tasks and supplier orders that allow local, small business and other certified-level suppliers to participate in large scale projects that they would otherwise never have access to.

Connecting Operations

Performance matters. So does efficiency and learning from the operation of real assets. Modutecture’s operation platform not only collects real-time performance data from delivered buildings, but it also enables stakeholders to apply operational learning to upcoming projects, while serving as a part improvement, recall and repair communication platform.

This creates a two-way data flow from design to construction and operation that enhances design intelligence and makes the entire lifecycle of the asset operate more effectively and efficiently as a part of a building network ecosystem.

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