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Modularizing Design

Organizations partnering with Modutecture can leverage intelligent modular design thanks to our contextual intelligence driven system which leverages their harvested data, institutional knowledge and performance data, using the resulting insights to eliminate non-value-added design processes and generate highly efficient repeatable outcomes for functional serial construction.

To do this, we capture and contextualize institutional data, performance-optimized designs, cross-project insights and performance data. From this, we deliver digital twins, the single source of truth that can be leveraged throughout the entire lifecycle of every asset. Leveraging this applied intelligence enables us to eliminate non-value added design steps, yet allow for effective evolution of building design, delivering projects better, faster and at lower cost than ever before.

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Democratizing Delivery

Organizations partnering with Modutecture can build a more inclusive ecosystem, by removing traditional barriers to entry, which creates opportunities where a more diverse fulfilment ecosystem will thrive.

Modutecture’s construction platform creates an inclusionary ecosystem of suppliers. Its modular procurement process allows the digital twin to be separated into tasks and supplier orders that allow local, small business and other certified-level suppliers to participate in large scale projects that they would otherwise never have access to.

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Connecting Operations

Organizations partnering with Modutecture have the competitive advantage of being able to connect data from all operating assets, generate new performance data, and inform current and future project with the contextually intelligent data that connects the entire ecosystem throughout the asset lifecycle upstream as well as downstream in the construction and operation cycle.

Performance matters. So does efficiency and learning from the operation of real assets. Modutecture’s operation platform not only collects real-time performance data from delivered buildings, but it also enables stakeholders to apply operational learning to upcoming projects, while serving as a part improvement, recall and repair communication platform. This creates a two-way data flow from design to construction and operation that enhances design intelligence and makes the entire lifecycle of the asset operate more effectively and efficiently as a part of a building network ecosystem.

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